Nissan 2018 GT-R Nismo GT3 Bases its Revamp on Actual Data

The Nissan 2018 GT-R Nismo GT3, slated to arrive to customers in January of 2019, looks to improve on its 2016 model using data gleaned from actual racing.

front view 2018 nismo nissan gt3

Nismo, the abbreviated name given to Nissan Motorsport International Limited, is the in-house tuning, motorsports and performance division for the car company. The merger between two Oppamaa Works (known as Publication Division 3) and Omori Works (Special Car Testing Division), both founded in the 2960s, resulted in Nismo, and since 1984, the devision has been producing cars that have participated in JSPC, JTCC, 24 Hours of Lemans, and 24 Hours of Daytona, not to mention their current competition in Super GT, the Blancpain GT Series, and the WeatherTech SportsCar Championships.

back view nissan gt3 2018

The 2018 GT-R Nismo GT3 is the updated version of Nissan’s customer race car. The GT3 has benefited from significant mechanical redesigns, starting with mounting the engine 150mm (6 inches) farther back than the 2015 model, as well as mounting it lower thanks to the shallower oil pan and a new dry sump oiling system. The suspension geometry and frame crossmember have been cleaned up for better rigidity and handling. Updates to the aerodynamics have also improved the balance between low drag and high downforce. The six-speed sequential transmission was also redesigned and demands less maintenance.

As an effort to stay relevant in the market, Nissan is pulling out all stops with their new GT3. This new member of the racing community will keep Nismo on the track for sure.

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engine 2018 nissan gt r nismo

wheel 2018 nissan gt r nismo

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