Nissan NV300 Energy Roam Woodworking Van Takes the Job with You

When versatility is the name of the game, sometimes you have to prove that you have the right stuff—or the capacity to haul and use the right stuff, as in the case of the Nissan NV300 Energy Roam Van. Unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium, this particular van was outfitted as a mobile woodworking shop.

With the help of Studio Hardie, a British design studio, Nissan put together a concept van using the Nissan Energy ROAM. The ROAM has a power pack that provide emission-free and silent power, with a 700Wh storage capacity and a 1kW maximum power output. The batteries for the van are recovered batteries from the Nissan LEAF electric vehicles. It can be plugged in, or it can also be charged via solar panels.

woodworking van

Nissan describes ROAM as being “designed for both professional and leisure use.” It “offers a clean, sustainable solution for customers needing electricity on the go.” Obvious applications for the trades—such as a woodworking van—come to mind, but the van would be a great choice for a van camper. The concept van provides plenty of space for stowing gear and supplies, and then even more options for when on site. Simply pull out the battery and power your tools. Then, when the job is done, pack it all up and you’re off to the next job.

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