Nissan XMotion SUV Concept Represents the Land of the Rising Sun

The Nissan XMotion (say: Cross Motion) takes its inspiration from the Land of the Rising Sun. The lines are strict and sharp, and matched with the warm silver color, the XMotion calls to mind a samurai sword. The front-hinged and rear-hinged doors create the image of a kimono. Red, black, and white dominate the interior, as does the gold of wood.

side nissan xmotion suv

The wide stance of the wheels speaks to the promise of this SUV being more than adequately powered. Rather than an aggressive stance, the XMotion looks dignified and conservative, but ready for action. Nissan pulled out the stops in designing this car, giving it a traditional Japanese feel that will still appeal to Americans.

front nissan xmotion suv

When the doors open, the entire car opens up, giving it the appearance of being expansive on the interior. Two front bucket seats are followed up with another pair of bucket seats and then a final bench in the back, allowing for six to sit comfortably in the XMotion. The most eye-catching feature of the interior is its central console, which stretches the length of the car. This console is made of wood, and represents a bridge spanning a river—the floor of the car, with the seats being boats on that river. It follows a traditional Japanese architectural wood joinery technique called kanawa tsugi. The dash also uses a Japanese wood joinery technique called kigumi.

back nissan xmotion suv

With a bevy of technology applications, the XMotion truly represents Japan—a place that blends modern and traditional.

open door nissan xmotion suv

wheel nissan xmotion suv

 nissan xmotion suv all overview

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