Nissan’s GT-R50 Half-Century Anniversary Edition x Italdesgin

Anniversaries and celebrations rarely live up to the occasion they are trying to mark. Throw successful automobile tributes into the mix and you have an even smaller subset. The Nissan GT R50 defied those odds and blossomed into a beautiful vehicle. The custom GT R features custom bodywork from the Italian design giant, Italdesign. While this is the first time Nissan and Italdesgin have partnered, you would never know it from the success and beauty of the GT R50.

front view gt r50 nissan

The most notable features of the Nissan GT R50 are a lower nose, shortened roof, and wider, expansive fenders. One of the nastiest GT Rs yet, the R50 means serious business. More importantly, the Italdesign product has the performance to back up the looks, too. The standard twin turbo has been replaced with GT3 class race car turbos. Larger intercoolers, cams, and internals have all been thrown in to match the corresponding potential power. Put it all together and you have yourself 710 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque. This dwarfs the 600 hp and 481 pound-feet of the regular GT R. When adding this much power, the rest of the chassis has to be ready for it as well. The differentials and axels have been strengthened to be able to bear the impressive power load.

back view nissan gt

And if you assumed a brilliant firm like Italdesign would let the interior suffer as a result of their beautiful exterior, you would be right. Designed by Nissan’s United States and London teams, the inside of the GT R50 sports a ton of carbon fiber, Alcantara, and gold, drawing in some of the best exterior pieces as well.

Check it out

nissan gt steering steering

upholstery view nissan gt vehicle

nissan gt top view vehicle

side view gt r50 car

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