Nothing Comes Close to Rodin Car’s Fzed Hypercar

“The FZed brings a level of performance and precision that is not available in any other new track car. We know of nothing else that comes close.” That’s what Rodin Car’s web site claims in regard to its new offering.

When a company makes a claim like that, you’re left with two choices: either the people behind the claim don’t get out much and they’re blowing a lot of smoke, or they’re speaking the truth. Taking a look at the FZed, it’s entirely possible that it’s the latter that is true.

The FZed is a performer, there’s no denying that. With max power of 675 braking horsepower and 450 Nm of torque, the track car can flat out fly. It can hit 100 kilometres per hour from a dead stop in just 2.9 seconds; 160 kilometres per hour comes at 5.0 seconds. The FZed maxes out at 300 kilometres per hour. All that power comes from the Cosworth GPV8 3.8-litre engine.

Rodin Hypercar

The FZed may look like—and even perform like—a Formula 1 car, but this hypercar is meant to be a track runner that could even be registered for the road. The idea was to create a car that would give the driver as close to a Formula 1 experience as possible. “The aim here is to build maximum high-performance cars for the track,” explains David Dicker, the founder of Dicker Data as well as the man behind Rodin.

Dicker notes that the one-seat design has a few negatives, one of which being that Dicker’s wife “thinks it’s a terrible idea.” But that design helps the car to stand out. Few people will be interested in the FZed, not to mention few being able to afford the USD$615,000 price. Those that do, and those that can, will find that they are getting a truly high-quality vehicle.

“We’re not even thinking about building the most number of cars,” states Dicker. “We’re thinking of building the best.”

As it turns out, Rodin Cars is right—there’s nothing out there quite like the FZed Hypercar.

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