Optimized Performance and Unparalleled Appearance: Zenvo’s TSR-S Supercar

Seemingly everyone unveiled a supercar of some sort at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2018. That doesn’t make what Zenvo Automotive revealed, any less impressive. Zenvo showed us the TSR-S – a crossover between the TS1 GT car and its more racing inclined brother. The TSR-S is street legal, however, hence the additional S in the name.

front angled zenvo tsr s supercar

The TSR was designed to have optimal performance. To accomplish this, unprecedented driving dynamics were carefully considered and retooled and remastered until they were created just right. This innovative approach allows new levels of stability, turning, and breaking – things that are sometimes taken for granted in supercars, but items that are ultimately important to consider.

back side zenvo tsr s supercar

So, what do these careful calculations and inventive approaches get you? 1177 hp, 8,500 rpm, snf a supremely light body that can go 0-62 (100 km) in 2.8 seconds. If you’re not a car-person, these numbers would be DAMN impressive in a muscle car with a straight combustion engine, let alone an electric vehicle. The days of thinking “Prius,” everytime someone brings up electric cars is over.

gears zenvo tsr s supercar

Style was not thrown to the wayside while Zenvo was perfecting performance, no sir. While each element of this car was designed to optimize effectiveness, each part has been connected and combined to work in beautiful harmony with each other, creating an excellent and almost organic appearance.

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