Pal-V Liberty Flying Car Will Bring Home the Jetsons

Flying cars used to be in the realm of sci-fi and cartoons, but the Pal-V Liberty Flying Car might soon be the commuter’s choice. The Pal-V is the brainchild of engineers from Norway. These Dutch engineers worked with Italian designers to create a flying car that’s both functional and luxurious.

pal v liberty flying car back side

The Pal-V has a two-person capacity and can carry a maximum baggage load of 20 kilograms. It’s powered by dual engines that put out 200 horsepower in flight mode and 100 horsepower in driving. Driving, you’ll be able to go 1,315 kilometers before filling up; flying, you have a max range of 400 kilometers with a full load (500 with just one person onboard).

pal v liberty flying car red

From the looks of it, the flight mechanism will fold down while in driving mode, giving you a sleek, low, three-wheeled car. In drive mode, the Pal-V measures 4 meters X 2 meters X 1.7 meters—no problem fitting into lanes of traffic or into your garage. Pop up the rotor, and the little car turns into a little helicopter, measuring 6.1 meters X 2 meters X 3.2 meters. Driving and flying, the Pal-V is capable of reaching 160 kilometers per hour. The Pal-V is self-stabilizing and features curve stabilization, so learning to fly it may be easier than learning an actual helicopter.

pal v liberty flying car feature

The interior looks very posh, sporting full leather and a dashboard filled with all the data you’ll need to stay in transit. In no time, you’ll be racing George Jetson home.

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