Park Plus in Abu Dhabi Mall Offers a Valet Parking Robot

Abu Dhabi has one of the busiest airports in the world, and building congestion poses a problem for quick service. If you can get past the CGI of the video, Park Plus has an interesting idea for a valet parking robot. The video shows the driver pulling into a bay with a digital kiosk that allows you to choose the different services you want. Then the driver and passengers leave and allow the robot to take over.

Park Plus Abu Dhabi Mall Valet Parking Robot 2

The robot performs a number of scans, including getting the right dimensions of the vehicle, checking for any explosives, and making sure that nothing living has been left in the vehicle. The car is lowered via an elevator to the parking area, where automatic platforms transport it to where it will be stored while you’re travelling.

When you return, you can simply check in via your smartphone and the robot will find your car, take it to a car wash and even pre-cool it for you.

Meanwhile, you can wait in the lounge, where you can pay for the storage at a kiosk. Finally, you’ll be notified when your car is ready. Then simply go to a bay and you’re on your way. It looks slick and easy, and definitely beats the hassle of finding a place to park and then worrying about your car while you’re on your vacation.

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