Peregrine Offers More than Power with Revenge GT 1

You know those cartoons where the character straps a rocket to their back or to their car and then takes off like…well, a rocket? They careen through the landscape, with the background a blur, and appear to be completely out of control, which, in reality, they would be (there’s a reason why rockets don’t make hairpin turns—hello physics). Peregrine Automotive makes a similar point when they talk about their aftermarket customization of the Ford 2019 Mustang GT. “Anyone can make horsepower,” the company says on their web site, “but without proper engineering, design, and performance, power is worthless.” That’s why Peregrine has put a lot into the Porsche Revenge GT 1’s “track-inspired handling.” Accompanied with 800 horsepower, this improved handling bumps the Revenge to super and hypercar performance levels. That 800 horsepower comes courtesy of topping off the stock 5.0L Coyote engine with a Stage 2, 3.0-liter Whipple Supercharger with a custom tune. Peregrine promises that “the car is legal in all 50 states. Though, 800 horsepower is not the limit. You can order your Revenge GT with a few hundred more.”

Revenge GT 1 front view

Peregrine’s kit doesn’t just add horsepower and handling. It also features a complete carbon fibre wide body. This “once fictional concept” became a reality after going through the rounds of renderings and clay models, which were then scanned and refined by Ford engineers. Those scans served to make the master parts, which were then used to make the moulds. From there it was just a matter of casting the parts in a carbon fiber that could withstand high temperatures. All that effort pays off as Peregrine claims to be the only modifier that can supply a full wide body and quarter panel made entirely of carbon fiber. Peregrine also makes doors, trunk lid, and roof of carbon fibre. The panels and parts are then custom painted to “any possible colour preferred by the client.” Said client will also be the beneficiary of a new leather interior. With a little planning, you can request in advance “custom colour leather and stitching can be made to order. Not only this, but extra stamping and embroidery can be optioned in advance.”

Revenge GT 1 back view

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Revenge GT 1 back side view

Revenge GT 1 side view