1925 Bugatti Type 35C Grand Prix

Usually only avid car enthusiasts actually know what a Bugatti is, only a small percentage of those avid enthusiasts actually know anything about them and even a smaller percentage of those have seen a modern-day Bugatti in action—due, in part to the multi-million dollar price tag on the newest models. In other words, only a fraction of people in the world can afford a Bugatti and of that sliver, only a few would be gutsy or tacky enough to spend millions on a car that they can’t drive many places outside the Audobon or a professional race track.

bugatti type 35c grand prix side

So when it comes to classic Bugatti’s, like the 1925 Bugatti Type 35C Grand Prix, you’re in a category reserved for the likes of single name sculptors from the Renaissance period and baseballs signed by legendary athletes who died before their prime. In short, something that is modern-day historical relic meant to be cared for and maintained like a museum would a piece of art. So add that time and effort to the overall tab.

all accessories bugatti type 35c grand prix

The Bugatti Type 35C featured here, was one of four driven by the legendary Elizabeth Junek, a female Grand Prix driver in the 1920s, who was considered one of the best in the world in her time—hence the nickname “Queen of the Steering Wheel.” (And we thought things were progressive today.) After the Second World War, when the Junek’s Czech citizenship caused the Soviets to restrict her travel to racing events outside the Iron Curtain, this vehicle was sold to a collector for a mere $1,800, which is the rough cost of a windshield wiper on a modern-day Bugatti Chiron.

seats of bugatti type 35c grand prix

And while the chassis plate has been replaced on this model by an owner in the mid-1980s with a Bugatti Owner’s Club replacement and the body work has been restored to it’s original mint condition, the rest of Junek’s Grande Prix racer is intact. For the right price, you can literally drive a piece of history.

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front of bugatti type 35c grand prix

wheel of bugatti type 35c grand prix

steering bugatti type 35c grand prix

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