Outrageous Electric Polestar O2 Roadster Concept Features Built-In Drone

Tesla, take note. Swedish electric automaker Polestar has unveiled a new roadster concept that lets you put the top down and enjoy the driving experience. The Polestar O2 comes as a hardtop convertible, and though it has an intriguing design, the car was built more as a showcase for the company’s bonded aluminium platform. Better still, it comes with an in-built drone. Why? Who knows, but it’s certainly caught our attention.

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Polestar o2 7

Image: Polestar

The name isn’t a reference to the oxide anion, but rather refers to this concept being Polestar’s second such endeavour. For the car, Volvo and Polestar’s parent company Geely partnered up again. Built as an electric two-seater sports car, the O2 looks like a blast to drive, and that experience would only be enhanced by dropping the convertible top and letting the wind run through your hair. The car stands out even more in that there really hasn’t been an electric sports car like this to come out since Tesla released theirs.

With that playing in their favour, Polestar hasn’t really released much in terms of the car’s specs. It’s unclear what the 0 to 60 time is, and your guess is just as good as anyone’s on what the range is. There is a small hint floating around about the battery capacity.

Polestar o2 3 1

Image: Polestar

“Over 110 kilowatt-hours of battery power,” says Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath, “we still can package without any compromise in this short wheelbase.” That a battery of that size can fit into the shortened wheelbase that Ingenlath references is due to the bonded aluminium platform that Polestar is showcasing in the concept.

Even though this is a second-generation concept, there’s still a lot that you’ll recognise from the first concept, the Precept. The looks are striking thanks to the sharp lines and the lighting signature. You’ll also recognise the “classic sports car proportions,” as Polestar describes them. Where the upgrades lie are in the few handy additions that seemingly arrive from out of this world. Polestar has confirmed the new O2 concept will arrive with an in-built drone for aerial photography, alongside the aforementioned bonded aluminium unibody and mono-material interior.

Polestar o2 6

Image: Polestar

From the initial shots, the new Polestar O2 concept makes for an interesting premise. With all the bells and whistles with none of the specs, it’s a little hard to tell how the electric vehicle will fare, but it almost matters less. According to Ingenlath, the Polestar O2 wasn’t designed for the rev-heads at all. In fact, it exists to show that there’s a “new paradigm” when it comes to the sports car

“We wanted to make sure people understand the architecture is capable of catering for sports cars like this,” he said. “The high torque, high power, P10 engine that we developed for the Precept will find, in the top peak performance version, a home in all of our products… And of course, it could be packaged in the roadster here.” That’s not the only exciting news about the concept. There’s also talk about integrating a drone into the build. Time will tell, but the O2 has all the possibilities in its favour of becoming the electric sports car to beat.

Check out the link below to book a test drive in the Polestar 2.

Check it out Test drive (Polestar 2)

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Image: Polestar

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Image: Polestar

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Image: Polestar

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Image: Polestar

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Image: Polestar


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