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Project maybach climbing mountain 1

Project MAYBACH is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen from Mercedes-Maybach

Always one to push the boundaries of what we conceive the term ‘design’ to really mean, Virgil Abloh’s vision will forever shine as a beacon of function, style, and collaborative creativity. It was in these collaborations that Abloh was often given little constraint in proving his technical and creative capabilities, drawing from the archives as he always had, yet producing something that we had never seen – he achieved the same with ‘Project MAYBACH’.

Taking the humble G-Wagon and creating a one-of-a-kind ‘racecar’ was merely the first step in a long line of collaborative ideas the brands had been working on. With a goal to create a run of vehicles of the likes we had never seen, Abloh crossed genres and produced some remarkable pieces of art. This time he was given full reign of the MAYBACH nameplate.

With Project MAYBACH, Virgil was inspired by the great outdoors where he sought to recontextualize a traditionally urban brand within a distinctly off-road environment. The result is a 2-seater, battery-electric off-road coupé that combines exaggerated Gran Turismo proportions, with large off-road tires and distinctive accessories.

Given complete creative freedom, this futuristic design has a number of creative features, including;

  • A transparent front hood where you’ll find solar cells that increase the imagined range of the vehicle.
  • A chassis that measures six metres in length.
  • An external roll-cage.
  • Bash plates for greater departure angles.

Mercedes-Benz paid its tribute to Virgil Abloh by opening the doors of the Rubell Museum to showcase the project to the public between December 1st – December 2nd, with access offered exclusively to students from local design school’s.

You can read our tribute to Abloh right here, and see some more of Virgil Abloh’s work click here.

Project maybach front end light bars

Image: Mercedes

Project maybach interior

Image: Mercedes

Project maybach lifestyle shot

Image: Mercedes

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