Race from the Past to Present with the1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider

Hold the phones: Sotheby’s Auction House has a 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider up for sale. Fetching prices close to 18 million, this ’59 Ferrari was 3rd in class and 5th overall in the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans, the second of only eight aluminum-bodied California Spiders built, was born as a competition car, and has been Ferrari Classiche certified.

ferrari 250 gt lwb side

Birthed in the golden era of sports car racing, this vehicle was cultivated with every detail carefully considered. That specific attention shows in every aspect of the car. The first things you notice when taking it in are the crosshatch front grill and the big number 16 emblazoned on the side and hood. The grill would give you a good idea of the heritage of the car, even if you knew nothing else. Coupled with the quad orb bulbs framing the front bumper, it’s evident what era this car is from.

ferrari 250 gt lwb back

As your eyes carry backwards, you take in an open cockpit and segmented side vents giving the car a sense of power and promiscuity. The balance of fun and functionality was clearly considered in the design process. If you catch a glimpse of the rear, you’ll see dual twin-exhaust pipes adorning a chrome rear bumper and vertical tail lights, and yes, yet another designation of racing number 16.

ferrari 250 gt lwb steering

Remodeled with new upholstery, dials, and knobs, the interior is just as impressive. While basic in concept, the blue leather seats, bald center counsel, and minimalist controls on the dash create an appealing cockpit that does nothing to distract from the car’s genius.

Check it out

ferrari 250 gt lwb seats ferrari 250 gt lwb wheels

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