Rain Prisk Creates a Backwoods Masterpiece with his Toyota Supra Offroad Concept

The reception for the soon-to-be-released 2020 Toyota Supra has been overwhelmingly positive, which has led to a lot of designers and enthusiasts envisioning what some modded versions of the car might look like. One such example is Rain Prisk’s Offroad Concept.

Rain Prisk has been making a name for himself with his designs. He works as a junior vehicle artists for Ubisoft Reflections Studio, and you can’t possibly come up with a good reason why that “junior” is still attached to his title (it has to be because of tenure—his talent more than merits a title change to “senior” or “mad genius”). Prisk took the Supra and created a 4×4, off-road worthy version. He reimagined the fenders to make room for knobby and gnarly off-road tires. Running boards were also added, as were two hooks and a winch. Just to demonstrate how serious this vehicle is, Prisk also added a snorkel to suggest that there isn’t anywhere this car couldn’t go. The roof rack provides room for all your backcountry toys and a front skid plate will protect against that rough terrain you have to pass through to get there.

Prisk might only be imagining possibilities, but hopefully there’s a shop out there taking note. This offroad concept deserves to be made.

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