The Iconic Range Rover Goes Electric

As the electric car revolution makes it’s way through the automobile industry, car companies are releasing their own versions of the electric vehicle. The latest is the 2019 Range Rover Sport PHEV HSE 2.0L P400e from Land Rover, a plug-in hybrid that tales 7.5 hours to charge, which is up to snuff with any of the other sports utility vehicle electric hybrids on the market.

iconic range rover car side

What really differentiates the P400e from all the other electric vehicles on the market, however, is what Land Rover calls their PHEV, a combination of their own lightweight Ingenium engine and a 102 horsepower electric motor, charged with 13 kilowatt capacity battery charged via external source. In EV mode this allows the P400e to go 31 miles from a full charge with no carbon dioxide tail pipe emissions. Basically, you have the best of all worlds—a conventional engine when you absolutely need it and a hyrbrid electric engine for the rest of time.

iconic range rover car savvy electric engine

And of course, beyond the environmentally responsibly and technologically savvy electric engine, the P400e still possesses all the luxurious amenities Land Rover is known for. Roominess, comfortable leather seats, an intelligent hybrid plug-in display and compatibility with all entertainment features one may need in their vehicle.

So rather than trying out a whole new type of electric vehicle, you can go with one known for decades of class, luxury and reliability like Land Rover.

Check it out

iconic range rover car on the road

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