Range Rover Strip Back to Basics with New Velar Launch in Australia

If there are two things Range Rovers are known for it’s their notable size and opulent luxury. The British luxury badge of 4×4 marque Land Rover make some of the comfiest vehicles that make going off-road a pleasure – rolling lounge rooms with big engines and plenty of torque for driving on just about any surface or incline. Though famed for their off road capabilities, however, you’ll most likely find them driven in posh suburbs and through the inner city by well-off urban adventurers and guys with names like ‘Garrett’ or ‘Chase’. To be fair to Garrett and Chase, they’re supremely quality vehicles and despite the roughest terrain they’ll ever see is the speed humps in the Warringah Mall carpark, they know that when it comes to comfort, a Range Rover is money well spent.

range rover velar rear

Range Rover know this, and embrace their city-dwelling fanbase, offering up smaller, sportier vehicles that better suit the urban lifestyle than the off-roading behemoths which earned them their reputation. Upon its release in 2011, the Range Rover Evoque offered drivers a smaller, more compact Range Rover. It still had the bollocks to go off road when required, and the interior luxury of its big brother, but it offered the added advantage of being easier to park, and the more economical engine was better suited to the stop-start nature of city driving. Here to plug the gap in between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport is the latest addition to the garage – the Range Rover Velar, which we’ve written about in the past here and also mentioned their associated collaboration with Zenith Watch here.

front of range rover velar

Man of Many was lucky to attend the Australian launch of the Range Rover Velar at a private event in Mosman (the same house Justin Bieber stayed in on his Sydney visit no less!). The car looked at home in the ‘reductionist’ design ethos of the Balmoral residence. Guest in attendance included Land Rover ambassadors Charlotte Caslick, Phil Waugh and James Viles, international model Jessica Kahawaty, as well as Ksenija Lukich, Rosie Tupper, Kelvin Ho, Nick Tobias, Jordan and Zac Stenmark, Sara Donaldson, Natarsha Belling and Jason Sullivan.

With a design principle of taking things away, the Velar is restrained and features clean lines, resulting in successful visual reductionism and elegance. The handles sit flat against the door panels, and the swooping form of the bonnet tapes into the tail with ease. It’s a mid-sized SUV designed for the city, made for comfort and sure to be accepted as a new member of the Land Rover family.

Range Rover Velar

range rover velar design peoples smiling

range rover velar design peoples standing

range rover velar design women standing

women smiling in front of range

handsome men standing hand in the pocket

beautiful women standing

two stylish mens laughing

men standing beside range rover velar

food in the plate

the women are playing guitar

 range rover velar presentation

 range rover velar design on the glass

 range rover velar bumpers

flowers on the table

drawing room


 range rover velar side view

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