Reclaim the Glory of the 1967 Ferrari 330 GTS

Gooding & Company is selling one of only 99 1967 Ferrari 330 GTSs ever made. A rare and unique model with a complete provenance record in as immaculate condition as this is very hard to find.

Originally introduced following the initial GTC model in 1966, the GTS was designed and built on the same tubular chassis and features the same mechanical layout as well. The difference lies in the Ferrari’s outlandish four-litre, two-cam v-12 engine, capable of providing 300 bhp at an astonishingly low 6,600 rpms. This allowed this improved model to be one of the fastest open-cockpit two-seaters of the time, reaching speeds higher than one hundred and fifty miles per hour.

 ferrari 330 gts side view

While this Ferrari has been meticulously cared for since its creation, over the last two decades it has very sparingly been driven. Giving this find an even more intriguing appeal.

Unquestionably, the 330 GTS is one of the most highly coveted sports cars of the 60s, and you will be hard-pressed to find another beast in as good of shape or condition as this. To see this car for yourself, examine the exact specifications, or ogle over its beauty, head over to Gooding & Company and look through their dozens of model shots.

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 ferrari 330 gts engine  ferrari 330 gts steering

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