Redefining a Brand: Maserati Alfieri Electric Coupe

The Maserati Alfieri concept car pays homage to the athletic lineage of the brand and is a glimpse into the future of what’s to come.

Initially debuted in 2014, this concept car celebrates Maserati’s first 100 years of masterful production and does so in elegant and impressive fashion. This design is more than a prototype, it is a piece of art, an embodiment of what Maserati stands for and packaged perfectly to represent just that.

maserati alfieri speedometer

From the front of the Alfieri, your view stars with an aggressive, deep grille that both screams power and cautions a steadfast nature that has become expected for Maserati vehicles. If you can tear your eyes away from the upper chrome surround or slanting tines, you’ll take in two elongated LED headlamps that stretch from grille to each side of the hood.

side view light alfieri maserati car

The graceful sloping lines of the Alfieri carry its frame well and ground the other impressive features of the car. The solo-encapsulated hardtop embraces the refined-but-expertly designed aesthetic, and has few “wow” features, but intrigues all the same.

full view alfieri maserati electric car

This concept car is so much more than a retro vehicle, borrowing bits and pieces from past designs. This is a retro-inspired car that examines the true nature of Maserati and where the brand will travel in the future.

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