Relive the 50’s with a 1952 Ferrari 212 Europa

Barret-Jackson, known as the operator of “the world’s greatest collector car auctions,” has sprung up with a beauty. In a 2018 auction, in Scottsdale, Arizona, a 1952 Ferarri 212 Europa is being bid on.

relive 50 car angled shape design

The cobalt blue coupe has a dome-like shell and lines that really do bring you back to the 50’s. From its chrome runners, to open-tined wheels, and bare frontal grille, this dream machine definitely looks the part, and has the frame of something impressive.

relive 50 car front

The 5-Speed Manual vehicle doesn’t mess around when it comes to its “guts,” either. The ’52 has improved chassis dynamic – compared to other vehicles of the age – and is powered by a 170 bhp, 2562cc SOHC V12 engine with three Weber 36 DCF carburetors. One of only 11 ever produced, this vehicle won many awards, including best in class at multiple shows and a 100-point score at Pebble Beach Concours.

relive 50 car inside

Complete with the original chassis, refinished detailing, and extras like the traditional leather-roll tool-kit, this car is a collector’s dream. Often hidden in the depths of museums or in the annals of a private collection, now is your chance to take home the elegance and ageless grace of an early coach-built Ferrari.

Head over to Barrett-Jackson yourself to see this beautifully restored and cherished car in all its glory.

Check it out

relive 50 car steering

relive 50 car engine

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