Renault Megane RS Takes On Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road?

Renault showcased its latest hatchback in Bulgaria, revealing the car’s impressive agility on a neon-lit track that may or may not be inspired by Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. It sure looks like that classic race track.

The French auto manufacturer challenged the Megane R.S. and its 280-horsepower engine on an interactive track that changed shape on every lap. Driven by one of the best rally drivers in the country, the car manoeuvred through continually shifting circuits, created online by fans. You can see how the new Renault Megane R.S. completed the challenge in the video above.

renault megane rs hatchback on track

Renault says the agility seen on the track is all thanks to the car’s 4Control four-wheel steering system which is included as standard. The Megane R.S. hatchback is also built with a 1.8L Turbo 205W engine, 19-inch Interlagos alloys, Multiple sensors, R.S. Vision and is available with an auto or paddle shift manual transmission.

Check it out

renault megane rs debut video

renault megane rs hatchback on circuit

renault megane rs neon lights

renault megane rs on neon track

renault megane rs hatchback orange

renault megane rs sport badge

renault megane rs seats

renault megane rs paddle shift

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