Renault Unveils Triplets Clio Cup, Clio Rally, and Clio RX

Renault Sport Racing unveiled a set of triplets at the Formula 1 French Grand Prix—the Clio Cup, the Clio Rally, and the Clio RX. Using their new line of Clio R.S. cars, Renault designed the cars for customer competition. With a year of development in place, the cars enter the market with high notes for reliability and performance, and even better marks for cost control. But why three models? Renault is using the triplets to show the incredible versatility of the cars.

renault sports racing car

The cars were designed to all pull from the same list of parts, allowing for customisation to meet a customer’s particular racing category, regardless of the types of racing surface or the terrain. Clio cars come with the 1.3 Tce engine. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine produces between 168 and 177 horsepower, as well as between 207 and 236 lb-ft of torque (depending on the regulations you have to meet).

All three come with a Sadev five-speed sequential transmission with a Sachs clutch. Each model also features a roof-mounted scoop, a roll cage, and a rear spoiler, as well as a non-adjustable Bos suspension and a limited-slip differential. The cooling system has been upgraded and an FIA homologated fuel cell was added.

ranault sport car back compartment

You can choose from three sets of wheels based on what you want to race—a 15-inch wheel for gravel, a 16-inch wheel for asphalt, and a 17-inch wheel for Cup racing, each shod in Michelin tires. Renault will also provide conversion kits so that owners can switch between track, rally, and rallycross styles, making “three proper race cars specifically designed for their specialties.”

Clio Cup, Clio Rally, Clio RX

The cars are scheduled for production in October so that they will be ready for the 2020 racing season. No word on price, but Renault promises to release that and other details soon.

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