Reset Mobility with the Reboot Buggy

Automobiles really haven’t changed much over the decades. The same basic idea holds true. While there are some basic similarities—wheels for instance—Joey Ruiter’s vision of a deconstructed buggy takes a new look at a classic design.

reboot buggy front view

The Reboot Buggy is completely street legal, but it is also all-terrain capable. The design is extremely minimal. The buggy is essentially a chassis with four wheels and a square, open top box for the cab. There’s a bed behind the cab, which sits above the engine. Everything is completely exposed—with the exception of the meshed enclosure around the cab.

The buggy is powered by a small block Chevy capable of 450 horsepower that is attached to an automatic turbo 400 transmission. You can plainly see the Ford 8.8 independent rear and Detroit Truetrac with 4:11 gears differential. Yokohama Geo-lander tires give plenty of traction, and King Coil 2.5” shocks, 12” in the front and 16” in the rear, provide a smooth ride.

reboot buggy

The buggy is so simple in design that you might assume that it is simple in purpose as well, and you’d be right. The Reboot Buggy doesn’t just take a look at what we drive, but also how we drive. In a world of cars that can do everything short of cook you breakfast on your way to work, the Reboot Buggy reconnects you to the magic of experiencing the road—no matter where that road leads.

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back view buggy