Rezvani Doubles Up on the 2020 Tank

Rezvani has the dubious title of one of its vehicles being driven by odious YouTuber Jake Paul, but the company now has the opportunity to bring some positive press to their product with their new 2020 Tank. And if ever there were a vehicle more aptly named, good luck thinking of it. Rezvani is starting off in the right direction, taking their original stat of 500 horsepower and doubling it to 1,000 for the 2020 version.

The tank is essentially a Jeep Wrangler that has been granted a new, more powerful engine as well as a tougher body. For 2020, Resvani will be using the new JL Wrangler platform. Details are scarce, but from what Rezvani has let slip, it will most likely have the stock engine, which is capable of 707 horsepower, as the standard offering.

rezvani 2020 tank

For those that want to step things up a bit—and if you’re in the market for a $250,000 military-grade vehicle, then why not?—Rezvani will swap out that engine for a 6.2-litre supercharged Hellcat V8 that puts out the 1,000 horsepower already mentioned. You might recognise that engine; it’s the one that comes from the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

Under the “in for a penny, in for a pound” category, if you’re springing for the tank you may as well pick up the Tank Military Edition. This edition comes with military-grade electromagnetic pulse protection—the kind of pulse that comes from an E1 pulse of electromagnetic radiation that you would get from a nuclear blast, an E2 pulse that can be caused by a lightning strike, and an E3 pulse that can happen during solar flares.

rezvani top view 2020 tank

As for looks, not much has changed—at least from what you can see from the teaser. The roofline appears a bit more angular and the hood has been redone as well as adding some louvres above the fenders. There might be more, especially since Rezvani CEO Ferris Rezvani explained, “The vision was to offer a fresh design for a purpose-built, rugged, off-road capable vehicle that was muscular, well proportioned, and brand new; as exciting to the eyes as it is to drive.”

He definitely got the ‘muscular and exciting to drive’ part right—especially with double the horsepower.

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