Rolls Royce Shoots for the Stars with New Limited Edition Wraith Luminary Collection

Made for visionaries, by visionaries, the new Wraith Luminary Collection sees Rolls-Royce taking luxury and aesthetic to dazzling new heights. Specifically, the brand gives their legendary Wraith model the bespoke treatment, throwing in all sorts of brilliant additions. Among those new additions is the grand debut of a shooting star headliner, which puts a galaxy up on the ceiling, complete with shooting stars. Limited to 55 units, the collection duly makes good on its luminous (and luxurious) ambitions.

wraith luminary luxury seats

Following closely on the heels of February’s Silver Ghost lineup, the Wraith Luminary Collection goes similarly big on handcrafted features. Inside the car you’ll find the aforementioned shooting star headliner–which uses over 1300 embedded lights to put a galaxy of stars within arm’s reach–along with stainless fabric hand-woven into the transmission tunnel and door panniers. That’s joined by illuminated wood paneling and Saddlery Tan leather upholstery. On the outside, Rolls-Rocyce debuts a sleek new paint colour called Sunburst Grey. The colour looks uniformly solid at first glance, but reveals rich copper accents when hit with the rising sun.

wraith luminary luxury top

Regarding the new limited edition collection, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said the following, “Wraith Luminary is a stunning collection car. It speaks directly of our contemporary Rolls-Royce brand – progressive and trailblazing; the pinnacle in hand-crafted luxury. This is a motor car that celebrates visionaries who achieve eminence in their respective fields. Indeed, this collection is for the world’s luminaries.”

Check it out

wraith luminary luxury back side seats

wraith luminary luxury seats cover

wraith luminary luxury looking glasses

interior wraith luminary luxury

wraith luminary luxury back side

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