Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge Cullinan Targets Millennials

Rolls-Royce has been the label of luxury automobiles for over a century, and while the old guard and old money will continue to claim the brand as their own, Rolls-Royce is looking to being in some new money. With more and more millennial millionaires coming on the scene, Rolls-Royce is changing up their look to be a bit hipper and to have more power to appeal to that market. Their Black Badge Cullinan will be joining the Black Badge Dawn, Wraith, and Ghost, and it has a new generation appeal.

Black Badge Cullinan front view

Few critics would disagree that the Black Badge Cullinan is at the pinnacle of luxury and posh. Visually, there’s not much to look at by way of differences unless you know what you’re looking for. The Black Badge Cullinan’s grille, trim pieces, and Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament have all be darkened with a high-gloss black chrome finish. That alone speaks to the quality of the car. Using black chrome is a painstakingly difficult process, but Rolls-Royce followed that route to help prevent chipping and scratching. Rolls-Royce also used the process on the 22-inch wheels, which allow a sneak peek at the painted brake calipers. Carbon fiber, which Rolls-Royce calls “Technical Fiber,” adorns the interior, making up the dash and center console among other parts. The leather is Forge Yellow, a new color for the company. The ceiling features Rolls Royce’s “Starlight Headliner”—something that hasn’t made an appearance in a Cullinan until now. This new ceiling feature comes with 1,344 individual fiber optic cables that can be customized to reflect any star pattern and also has a new “shooting star” feature.

Black Badge Cullinan back view

As for power, the Black Badge Cullinan uses the same 6.7-liter V12 found in the regular Cullinan. For the Black Badge version, the engine bumps up its horsepower to 600 and its torque to 664 lb-ft. New brake discs were added to compensate for the increased power. A ZF eight-speed automatic transmission was added. The Cullinan also has firmer air suspension for improved feedback and responsiveness.

Black Badge Cullinan rolls royce back seat

All those upgrades come at a price, and you’ll be paying $382,000 for the Black Badge Cullinan.

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Black Badge Cullinan door open

Black Badge Cullinan side view

rolls royce Black Badge Cullinan rear view

rolls royce Black Badge Cullinan