“Rough It” in Luxury with this 2007 Mercedes G 320 CDI MJ

High-end adventure rigs are becoming more and more common these days, as people are investing in their ability to venture into the great outdoors in both comfort and style. The latest in this unique new fad of recreational vehicles is this Mercedes G 320 CDI MJ 2007, built by Orange Work custom truck builders in Germany. Painted the eye popping bright yellow color of a school bus and with tyres meant for off-road dominance, this customised Mercedes RV will be impossible to miss on any outdoor trek.

mercedes g 320 cdi mj ac

Under the hood, this awesome camper has a permanent 4×4 drivetrain, a three litre turbo V6 engine and 18′ ground clearance with suspension worthy of a monster truck. Inside there’s 6’3″ of clearance meaning most people can stand upright and walk around. There’s also a full bathroom with shower, a two burner gas range, fridge, freezer and numerous water tanks. There’s also walnut veneer all over the place, (similar to that in high end yachts) black and red leather seats and a full bed that drops down from a kitchen table.

steering mercedes g 320 cdi mj

There’s enough in this Mercedes G 320 CDI MJ to allow you to travel for a few weeks at a time – and as there bloody should be considering the hefty $420,000 price tag.

Check it out

table mercedes g 320 cdi mj

kitchen room mercedes g 320 cdi mj

interior design mercedes g 320 cdi mj

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