Roush Will Upgrade the Ford Raptor to the Tune of 522bhp

With its 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 engine—which produces 450 bhp and 510 lb-ft of torque—the Ford Raptor is already a supremely powerful pick-up truck. Of course, that doesn’t mean US tuner Roush can’t take things up a notch, which is exactly what it plans to do. Specifically, the company will implement a ‘Performance Pac’ engine upgrade, thereby cranking out 522 bhp and 565 lb-ft of torque. Powerful, meet really powerful.

Roush’s 522bhp Ford Raptor

Along with the engine upgrade, Roush will throw in a modest slew of additional modifications. On the outside, that includes 20″ off-road wheels with 35″ BFGoodrich all-terrain tyres, some distinctive graphics, and a ‘Chase Rack’ with optional lighting. Inside, one will find a custom instrument cluster and Roush embroidery on the seats. Available on spec is a ‘Console Vault’ for the safe storage your prized possessions.

Because the Ford Raptor is already an off-road beast, Roush is letting the pick-up’s built-in suspension speak for itself. Otherwise, ample touch-ups abound. Prices start at US$13,000 over and above the US$52,855 cost of a standard Raptor.

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