See the Future with the Mercedes-AMG Limited Edition G-Class

Formula One cars are the epitome of high performance automobiles, meant for the toughest tracks at the highest speeds around the world. And while the advancements from Formula One vehicles have trickled down to the consumer car marketplace over time, an actual Formula One vehicle has never been brought to the road—due to the fact that they are finally tuned machines that aren’t very safe and go well over 200 miles per hour. Not exactly something you want someone driving who isn’t a professional race car driver.

mercedes g class interior cream and black

However, after years of collaboration, Mercedes-Benz and Formula 1 are now bringing this feat of automobile engineering to the streets. The two seat Mercedes-AMG Project One transfers the latest and most efficient Formula One hybrid technology almost identically from the track where these cars race to the streets we all drive down. The Project One will have 1,000 horsepower and a top speed of 350 kilometers per hour and the phenomenal handling and efficiency of both a Mercedes-Benz and Formula One race car. With Gullwing doors and the engine set in the middle of the vehicle, the Project one literally looks like a sports car that has been transported from the future—or maybe another dimension dreamt up by some Hollywood producers.

mercedes g class side view wood finish

Or maybe it’s a time machine itself, meant to propel all of us ahead in car technology and design.

Check it out

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