See Through the Clutter with the Bugatti Chiron Sky View Coupe

Bugatti has entered a new challenger into the sports car arena. The Chiron Sport is a jaw-dropping beast that stands out in a heavily saturated space. Brought to the public at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, this model sports a studier chassis and a more streamlined design. The sleek style is matched by impressive handling and offers exhilarating agility.

steering wheel bugatti

As bold as the exterior of the Chiron Sport appears, it still retains its classic appeal and luxurious aura. An all-new dynamic torque vectoring function and a sport focused suspension setup allow for a smooth ride, even at high speeds. 18 kilograms lighter than the previous Chiron iteration, the Sport brings an entirely new character to the Bugatti line.

bugatti chiron top view

In addition to elite performance and design, the Chiron Sport affords divine comfort. With a cabin that flaunts an extraordinary level of luxury through a delicate mix of Alcantara, leather, and carbon, this model is just as impressive feeling, as is its aesthetic. Perhaps the most revolutionary design tweak of this car is evidence of its namesake; Sky View. This Chiron Sport has a glass roof that allow for a completely new visual experience, for the driver, passengers, and onlookers – of which there will be many – alike.

Check it out

back view chiron bugatti

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