The Senturion Ring is the Most Expensive Car Key in the World

If you have a habit of losing your car keys, this is a car key you don’t ever want to lose. The British brand Senturion produces a car key that can be worn as a bracelet and is a smart car key, but is also only one of seven that are produced with each edition. This wearable tech is built only for exotic super cars, like Ferraris, Bentles and Rolls-Royces among many others as there is RFID technology built into it. However, due to the tech that is inside of it, this chip can be wirelessly synced with a wide variety of other wireless devices, like vaults and doors to billion dollar mansions.

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There are numerous colors for each of the seven bracelets that Senturio produces each year, along with flashy high-end names. Like the Monaco that is made from platinum, leather and titanium; or the St. Barths which consists of rose gold, blue carbon and titanium; or the Emperor which consists of rose gold, black diamond and titanium; or even the Atlas which is made from a piece of an ancient meteorite and titanium. They are available in English, Russian, Arabic and Chinese and the prices of these keys—just the keys—range between $57,100 and $136,450.

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We’d say once you put this bracelet on don’t plan on taking it off, though the truth is, if you’re wearing one of these Senturions in the first place it probably doesn’t matter.

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