Sir Paul McCartney’s Aston Martin is Fit for a Knight

Sir Paul McCartney’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5 is the steed a today’s knight in shining armor would be riding. This Aston Martin was originally owned by Beetles member Paul McCartney, who was knighted in 2004. The car was also owned by Chris Evans—no, not Captain America, but the Chris Evans of radio and television fame, including a stint on Top Gear.

aston martin side view

The Aston Martin is on auction at Bonhams. With matching numbers and a celebrity past, and is listed at $1.7 to 2 million. The car has been restored and was sent to Kent Auto Developments. Kent stripped it down and re-assembled the car with new pistons, liners, reground crankshaft, and new bearings. The engine’s capacity was enlarged from 3,995 to 4,200cc. The rebuild increased power and torque from 282bhp to 315bhp and 280 lbs/ft to 305 lbs/ft. BPA Engineering overhauled the gearbox and the rear axle. The exterior and interior of the Aston Martin were also restored, bringing it back to its original glory. Topping it off, the car comes with a full-color, 141-page book that chronicles its history and restoration. One story from the Aston Martin’s history involves The Byrds’ guitarist Roger McGuinn going for a ride with Sir McCartney after a concert during the Californian band’s 1965 UK tour.

aston martin seats and steering

If you’ve got the money to spare, you could pick up this impressive collector’s item. The knighting—well, you’ll have to get that some other way.

Check it out

aston martin back

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