Skoda Mountiaq is a Pretty Cool Lab Project

Whatever your university experience was, it probably wasn’t as cool as the experience that 35 apprentices at the SKODA Vocational School had. The group of design students in their final year at the school had the opportunity to create the Skoda Mountiaq. Based on the Kodiaq pickup truck, the Mountiaq is the culmination over 2,000 hours of work.

skoda mountiaq vehicle

The students started the project by removing the rear doors of the Kodiaq, as well as shortening the roof. With that part of the Kodiaq gone, they could add in an illuminated bed. Not wanting to lose cargo space, the students added in hidden compartments under the new truck’s bed. The set the whole design on 17-inch, knobby tires. A bar of LEDs spans the roof and a snorkel was added as well.

back of skoda mountiaq

On the inside, the Skoda students added a lot of “simply clever” ideas, such as a built-in refrigerator and a 2,000 watt subwoofer with an amplifier. For the power, the design keeps to the familiar 2.0-litre TSI engine, which offers 190 horsepower. The truck was finished off with a Sunset Orange paint job.

Check it out

dashboard and steering of skoda mountiaq

skoda moutiaq hood

skoda mountiaq secret compartment

skoda mountiaq tires

skoda mountiaq sunset orange paint