Slow and Low Whiskey Hits the Road

Cooper Spirits Company and Hochstadters are bringing the whiskey to the people in their Slow & Low Rock and Rye “Whiskey Delivery Van.” With a strong Woodstock vibe to it, the 1978 Chevy G20 has been completely decked out as a rolling cocktail lounge. The van has a custom made walnut bar with leather bench seating for you to enjoy a glass of whiskey poured directly from the keg of Slow & Low on the bar.

Orange tufted panelling finishes out the interior of the van, while a booming sound system will bring in the party. The van will be driven by noted photographer Asher Moss, who will also chronicle the road trip. His photos will be displayed on @drinkslowandlow.

back slow and whisky vehicle

“Known for creating new classics and reviving brands from a bygone era, The Cooper Spirits Company is excited to be embarking on this experiential campaign that supports and honours American artistry,” stated Robyn Greene, SVP of Marketing & Innovation for The Cooper Spirits Company.

“An updated classic like the ’78 G20 is the perfect vehicle to feature exhibits that share the vintage and handcrafted sensibilities of Slow & Low.” Those exhibitions will include artwork from Oil&Ink.

The tour will include cities and towns across the US, including Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, Boston, Jersey City, West Palm Beach, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, and Venice. As for Slow & Low, it’s a straight rye inspired by pre-Prohibition recipes, and can be enjoyed neat or over ice.

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