Someone Call Pontiac about this Firebird TT Concept

The Pontiac Firebird is arguably the flashiest of American hot rod muscle cars, best known for it’s eponymous logo splayed across the hood in a number of models and an engine with an intimidating growl. However, when it comes to modern car styling, many car enthusiasts might argue the Firebird feels a tad plain and dated. At least Russian car custom car stylist Kasim Tlebikov probably would, which is why he went and reimagined a 2010 model of the Pontiac Firebird TT, which he has transformed into a vehicle that falls somewhere between the Bat Mobile and Knight Rider.

pontiac firebird tt back side

Beyond the sleek oily black exterior color, the chassis has been dropped significantly, with the whole TT only having a few inches of clearance total. But arguably most impressive and futuristic is the rear of the Pontiac, which has a spoiler that can be raised and lowered while driving the vehicle. When it is down, the tail is raised and rounded like a Ferrari GTB; when it is up, the Pontiac Firebird TT suddenly resembles a more muscular version of a Japanese street racer.

side view pontiac firebird tt

It’s a shame this type of Pontiac Firebird doesn’t really exist, though we can hope someone in Detroit sees Tlebikov’s concept and incorporates it into future designs.

Check it out

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