Stay Vigilant with the Owl Car Camera

Forbes probably phrased it most appropriately when they said, “Owl has created something of lasting significance.” The Owl Car Camera is real security for your car anytime, anywhere.

Intended to be placed upon the dashboard of a car or truck, the Owl Car Camera is positioned to take the place of a regular dashcam and outperform it in every metric imaginable.

car camera dashboard view

The dual HD inside and outside cameras clearly outshine the single camera models without any zoom capabilities. The instant video gives you instant access. No more need to download video with cables, card readers, or laptops over a Wi-Fi connection. The twenty four hour recording capabilities for up to fourteen days clearly overshadows the typical eight hour storage on a lot of cameras. With a live view threaded through LTE, never miss a single thing, whether you’re in the car or not.

Even when not on, the Owl Car Camera acts as a security beacon that deters thieves. With glass-breaking activation, the Owl Car Camera will turn on if there ever is an unwanted intruder. If you are broken into, don’t worry – the Owl Car Camera is privacy locked, so only you can get access and you don’t need to worry about an unwanted party accessing your video files.

With numerous applications, the Owl Car Camera can assist you in crashes, minor dents, traffic stops or police questioning, break-ins, and instant capture of whatever you want.

What’s most impressive about this product is that it does not rely on you being in your car to utilize it or you to have the physical camera to access your videos. Thanks to wireless forwarding, every video you capture is sent straight to your smart phone. With dual HD cameras, a 14-day video loop, instant video thanks to 4G LTE, and a sleek and seamless design, the Owl Car Cam is going to start showing up in a whole lot of vehicles.

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