Step into the Imaginative End of the World with Jomar Machado’s Apocalyptic Vehicles

The very distant threat of apocalypse seems to be all over the media landscape these days, from box office movies to hit television shows to even concerns in our actual world political environment. That said, it’s not something that should be keeping you up at night. Now, THAT said, one may wonder in quieter moments how they might actually go about surviving an apocalypse—namely how you would get from place to place safely and fight back against whoever would inevitably be threatening your life.

jomar machado apocalyptic vehicle helicopter rotor

This is clearly what artist Jomar Machado did when he created his blog of concepts for apocalyptic vehicles, from a motorcycle fashioned out a jet engine, to a tiny one man airplane, to a Cadillac with helicopter rotors on it’s roof, allowing it to hover and fly. Each vehicle also is armed to the teeth, with everything from machine guns to rocket launchers. While these creations from Machado are phenomenal concepts for a post-apocalyptic blockbuster film, they are obviously not practical in real life. However, they are incredibly imaginative and slightly frightening to look at, a combination of modern design and steampunk.

These concepts are built entirely on the computer with programs like 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray and HDR Light Studio—so someone get Machado a job at a major visual effects house, so we can actually see these vehicles come to life.

tiny one man airplane jomar machado apocalyptic vehicle

jomar machado apocalyptic vehicle jet engine

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