Straight out of Science Fiction: The Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar

When you see the name Rimac C_Two for the first time, your brain begins to associate it with computer code or perhaps an incomplete filename or URL. While the name is reminiscent of code or technology, the product behind the name is something much more: A pure electric GT hypercar that is just as impressive on a track as it is touring the country.

open door rimac c two electric hypercar front

The Rimac can go 0-60 is 1.85 seconds, has 1,914 HP, a top speed of 412 mph, and has just over 2,300 motor torque. Pick your jaw up off the floor if you haven’t already, because we’re just getting started. The CTWO was not just created to be a pure-beast on wheels, it was meticulously curated for design as well. Take the doors for example; the method of entry was created to be as dramatic as it was pragmatic. Butterfly doors not only allow for double-take appeal, but they offer generous space and mobility for sophisticated entry and exit. Additionally, the vertically-raising doors play well into the cars extreme aerodynamic theme, ensuring coherence with the rest of the vehicle.

 rimac c two electric hypercar front

The doors aren’t all that was perfected. The rear-view mirrors, wheels, tires, even headlights, were all designed to maximize performance AND to enhance the look of the CTWO.

When you’ve developed a car that is as functionally capable as the CTWO there are some additional considerations that must come into play. For that reason this vehicle is equipped with an active bonnet, front splitter, air-brake system, and rear flap, all perfectly aerodynamic.

open door rimac c two electric hypercar back

All put together, the Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar is something from our dreams that doesn’t quite seem possible to exist. Not to allow its technology to be outdone by style or performance, the CTWO can load selected racetracks into its on-board systems, via a proprietary, “Driving Coach” function, to offer clear and actionable guidance on racing lines, breaking or acceleration points, and even steering inputs to make sure whoever is behind the wheel knows exactly how to get through the course. This virtual driving coach allows for extremely useful application and beneficial learning experience in ways that have never been possible before.

open door rimac c two electric hypercar

If that was not enough, a bespoke set of custom interfaces monitor every aspect of the car’s performance and state via live telemetry or graphs. When not engaged in checking on performance, browse through a library of media to play throughout your cars system, providing convenience and utility to you and your passengers.

internal design rimac c two electric hypercar

Even with all of that stated, maybe what is most impressive about this car is that as an all-electric vehicle, its range is incredibly versatile. With over 650 kilometers of travel made available through a single charge, the CTWO is never hindered by the constraints of travel and isn’t devalued if speed or performance is not the desired outcome.

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