The Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle Can Handle Any Emergency

The Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle Can Handle Any Emergency
October 12, 2017 Man of Many

The Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle Can Handle Any Emergency

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If you wander way off the beaten path and get lost in the mountains, you’ll want the help of a strong, capable vehicle —like the Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle. This machine has the capabilities to handle just about anything. Created by Warsaw-based studio 2sympleks, the mountain rescue vehicle can traverse the most difficult terrain and the harshest conditions. It does these things with ease and efficiency.

2sympleks worked with real search and rescue groups to design the Surgo to handle the most complex mountain rescues. It features a large cargo area that is big enough to accommodate two stretchers. There is plenty of seating inside the vehicle. It can seat eight rescuers and two patients on stretchers.

This vehicle has serious off-road capabilities thanks to the innovative suspension system coupled with advanced shock absorbers and springs. The suspension, designed by the Automotive Industry Institute, allow the body to be locked in a shifted position, This enables the vehicle to handle approach and departure angles of almost 90 degrees. Large off-road tires help the Surgo drive over any terrain.

The Surgo features slim rescue lights, straps for a spinal board on the roof and a dedicated space for rescue tools in the back. Other details are scarce, though. We do know that this vehicle is just a concept at this time. A scale model has been built, but plans to build a full-size version have not been announced yet. For the sake of every explorer out there, we sure hope the concept eventually becomes a reality.

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