Polish Driver Launches Suzuki Swift Into Another Dimension

Every once in a while you’re faced with a moral conundrum. When you find yourself smack bang in front of an open road and a conveniently placed ramp, it takes every fibre of your being not to launch your vehicle into the air like Nicolas Cage at the end of Gone in 60 Seconds. It’s a pipe-dream we’ve all thought of at least once in our lifetimes, but one legend in Poland has actually gone and done it.

On Easter Sunday, when roads were at their quietest, a 41-year-old driver in Rabien, Lodz, Poland saw the opportunity for a bit of high-flying action and grabbed it with both hands. Heading full tilt towards a sloped round-about, the amateur stuntman launched his Suzuki Swift into the air like the majestic eagle it was always meant to be. The sheer speed and velocity needed to propel the iron beast through the air is near-unfathomable, but luckily enough for us, there are videos to prove it.

Look at the elevation. Just outstanding. Now, before you go and criticise us for trivialising what is obviously some poor Polish man’s final moments, it bears mentioning that he escaped relatively unharmed. In fact, in an ironic turn of events, he actually landed in a literal graveyard, confirming that this was indeed a near-death experience. According to Polish firefighters’ site Remiza.pl’s Tweet, the driver was extracted from the burning wreckage by firefighters and was hospitalised with “non-life-threatening” injuries. They also speculate that the driver was “probably drunk.”

Go figure.

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