The Swedes Officially Own Speed and Sexy – the Koenigsegg Agera RS

While the Swedish Bikini Team may actually have been American actresses hired for a beer commercial, the Koenigsegg Agera RS is pure Swede. That’s the difference, but the similarity between the team and the car is striking—both have the right curves and proportions in all the right places. Plus, the Agera is fast. Not fast easy, but fast fast.

koenigsegg agera rs side

Recently, the Koenigsegg team took the Agera to a 17-kilometre section of closed road between Las Vegas and Pahrump, Nevada. Over the course of two runs, the Agera averaged 444.6 km/h. Aided by a tailwind, the first run hit 458 km/h. Coming back, and hampered by a headwind and an uphill gradient, the Agera clocked 436 km/h. That beats out the previous record holder, a Hennessey Venom GT, which held the title at 435 km/h, run at the Kennedy Space Center. (The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport came in at 434 km/h running on a test track.)

koenigsegg agera rs back

The Agera sports a 1015kW, 1369Nm version of the Koenigsegg RS’s 5.0 liter, twin-turbo V8. It also features a removable roll-cage, but at 450 km/h, what’s the point? Not that Niklas Lilja, Koenigsegg’s test driver, was phased by the speed. “I wasn’t nervous” Niklas said. “The only hesitation was over the tyres, as you always know that something could happen.”

As if straight ways weren’t enough, the team looks to conquer cornering next. Considering just how curvaceous this car is, that’s shouldn’t be too hard.

Check it out

koenigsegg agera rs three car rear

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