Take a Look Inside (and Outside) Aston Martin’s Valkyrie Hypercar

Almost one year after the original announcement, Aston Martin has finally revealed further details of its upcoming Valkyrie Hypercar. Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies have partnered to develop the Valkyrie’s aerodynamics, body styling and cockpit packaging.

aston martin valkyrie hypercar side

The Valkyrie’s teardrop-shaped cockpit is designed around the full-length Venturi tunnels that run either side of the cockpit floor. These tunnels draw vast quantities of air to the rear diffuser and are essential to generating the Valkyrie’s extraordinary levels of downforce. To avoid any unwanted aerodynamic disturbance or stylistic ‘clutter’ traditional door mirrors have been replaced with discreetly mounted rear facing cameras.

front side of aston martin valkyrie hypercar

The headlights are inspired by the pure functionality of a Formula One’s components. With the low and high beam elements attached to an intricate exposed anodised aluminium frame, they are 30-40 per cent lighter than the lightest series production headlamps available on any previous Aston Martin vehicle. The rear centre high LED stop light is mounted on the tip of the small shark’s fin that runs down the spine of the Aston Martin Valkyrie’s airbox and rear bodywork.

rear of aston martin valkyrie hypercar

To maximise interior space, occupants adopt a reclined ‘feet-up’ position reminiscent of today’s Formula One and Le Mans Prototype race cars, ensuring driver and passenger are extremely safe, perfectly supported and feel completely at one with the car. A four-point harness comes as standard, with an optional six-point harness for track driving.

inside aston martin valkyrie hypercar

To Keep drivers focused on the road ahead, all switchgear is located on the steering wheel, with the vital signs shown on a single OLED display screen. The steering wheel is also detachable, both to aid ingress and egress, and to serve as an additional security measure.

steering of aston martin valkyrie hypercar

Aston Martin ‘wings’ badge was considered too heavy for the Valkyrie, so the design team came up with a chemical etched aluminium badge that’s 30 per cent thinner than a human hair. The badge nicknamed the ‘lacewing’ is then attached to the painted body and covered with a perfectly smooth coat of lacquer.

That’s what we have so far. Hopefully, it’s not another 12 months before the next reveal.

Check it out

windshield wiper of aston martin valkyrie hypercar

open doors of aston martin valkyrie hypercar

open doors of aston martin valkyrie hypercar rear

open doors of aston martin valkyrie hypercar front

silencer of aston martin valkyrie hypercar

bottom side aston martin valkyrie hypercar

steering nice design aston martin valkyrie hypercar

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