Talking Cars with Ted Gushue

We are long overdue for another talk with Ted Gushue. If you missed the first one, here, now is your opportunity to catch up with one of the car industry’s most influential writers and photographers. We speak with him on what’s good in the car industry of late, the movers, shakers, rallies and names you should have on your radar.

If you don’t already know Ted, you should. He shoots beautiful cars in beautiful settings, often with beautiful people behind the wheel. Some would argue this is ‘cheating’; taking a shortcut to glorious images. This would be selling Ted short, by bounds. While it does result epic images, Ted has a magic touch. He is able to extract some temperament, some character from his subjects, inanimate or otherwise, making their disposition come alive on film and filling them with mortal personality. And we mustn’t discount his punny captions, which are just as sharp as his subject’s sinuous lines. Some, of his many, illustrious photos accompany this piece.

beverly hills sports car

Tell me about your new Ambassadorship? 
I first went to The Bernina Gran Turismo in September 2017 and fell in love with it. It was my first time in the mountain town of St. Moritz and I’d been dying to go there for years. Combine some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful race cars with one of the world’s most iconic roads and I was hooked. I began working with the team there shortly thereafter and finalized my participation a few months ago.

bmw m5 silver car

If you could participate in a rally, anywhere in the world, which would it be? Do any of the crazy adventure rallies like Gumball, Mongol, Dakar, etc have any appeal to you?
I’ve been really very lucky as I’ve been able to attend and participate in just about every rally I’ve ever wanted to. The Mille Miglia, being one of them, is just one of the most incredible experiences on earth. All rallies are crazy adventures, but some are more professional than others. Dakar, for example, is a proper racing rally.

vintage car in alps

You recently spent some time at Bathhurst, how was your time there? Why were you there?
I was there for the 12HR Endurance Race with a really close buddy who was racing, Tim Pappas, with Black Swan Racing. Incredible atmosphere and fans, so passionate and friendly and fun. I really want to go back for the V8 racing there, apparently, it’s like nothing else on earth. (Brands take note!)

What is your relationship with Porsche exactly? Any exciting Porsche news to let us in on?
More very shortly 😉

aston martin vantage sports car

You seem to spend the majority of your time in Europe, why is that?
I have a lot of friends and family over here, and genuinely just love every moment of my time in the UK and Europe. It has something to do with it being a different environment from the US so everything is a bit novel, but I just find on a day to day basis that my time here is really well spent.

And we cannot ignore your love of photography – anything you have seen lately that got you really excited to shoot? Or a camera/lens that got you psyched?
Had to re-buy my whole Leica set up recently and took it up a notch with a 50mm Summilux 1.4 and an M10 Body

swiss mercedes racing cars

You’re a man who lives on planes and in hotels. The last time I asked you about some of your favorites car themed reccomendations, now I would like to make it a bit more travel themed…

Ted’s Travel Essentials:
Skincare Travel Essentials: Eh, nothing really
Favorite Luggage: Tumi 19 Degrees Aluminum
Favorite Carry-on Bag: Tumi 19 Degrees Aluminum
Favorite Camera (and lens): Leica M10 with 50mm 1.4 Summilux
Favorite Travel Shoe: Stubbs and Wootton Loafers
Five things every man should have in their closet (suitcase) at all times: Good blue blazer, non-iron white shirt, solid jeans that fit trim but not slim, a pair of loafers, pair of chinos. Not many places on earth you can’t go with this uniform.
Favorite Hotel: Villa d’Este or Il Pellicano. Both in Italy.
Favorite Airport Lounge: Qantas First Lounge at LAX designed by Marc Newson
Favorite Airline: American Airlines Executive Platinum baby
Favorite Note taking method: iPhone
Travel Headphones: earbuds
Recent Plane Read: Matt Hranek’s “A Man and his Watch”
Watch for Travel: Submariner
Wallet or Business Card Holder: Discommon Theraformed Card Holder

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All photos courtesy of Ted Gushue

leica camera and rolex daytona watch

a man and his watch

vintage aston martin racing

ted gushue abu dhabi grand prix falcon

vintage racing car

ted gushue red front

maserati red sports car under wraps

ted gushue vintage red race

vintage mercedes in britain

ted gushue headshot with watch

vintage aston martin in italy