Tank-Treaded 1958 Land Rover 109 Series II

What happens when you combine a tank and a 1950s Land Rover? You get the Tank-Treaded 1958 Land Rover 109 Series II. Designed by James A. Cuthbertson, this vehicle can tackle a variety of challenges, from adverse winter conditions in Greenland to war.

side view of treaded land rover tank

Although Land Rovers are some of the toughest off-road vehicles there is, Cuthbertson wanted to design a vehicle that would tackle even greater challenges than a standard Land Rover. This is why this Tank-Treaded Land Rover was created.

rear view of treaded land rover tank

The conversion required dropping the base vehicle—without the wheels—onto a sub-frame. This allows for movement and clearance of the treads. The tyres were replaced with tracks. Each track has 40 steel shoes that drive the four wheels. Power steering was added to make it easier to steer this tank-like vehicle. In addition to its off-road capabilities, this vehicle can be driven on the street, as well. But, you won’t be winning any Grand Prix with this thing as the maximum speed is just 32 km/h. However, who cares when you have such an awesome vehicle?

wheel of treaded land rover tank

There were just 15 of these one-off vehicles ever made, making them very rare indeed. If you are interested in owning this vehicle, you are in luck. It is set to be auctioned off Sept. 9th by Bonhams. The full history of this particular model is unknown. But, it is believed to have spend time in Germany, Norway and the UK. The 1958 Tank-Treaded Land Rover is expected to fetch anywhere from 65,000 – 78,000 USD. This is not too bad for a badass machine like this.

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bumpers of treaded land rover tank

 treaded land rover tank meters

 treaded land rover tank steering and seats

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