The 1953 Ferrari 625TF Coachwork by Vignale Had the Right Formula

Ferrari dominated Formula 1 and Formula 2 racing for years when in 1951 the Ferrari 625 came into being. At that point, Ferrari began to lose some of their competitive edge. Their chief engineer left to join Maserati, and Lampredi came aboard. Under his direction, the four cylinder engine was used because it was thought to be lighter, more efficient, and more reliable. Lampredi also foresaw that Formula 1 would eventually be limited to 2 ½ liter unsupercharged engines. The “625” designation is in reference to the capacity of one of those cylinders. The switch resulted in World Championship titles in 1952 and 1953.

ferrari 625tf coachwork race car

The 625TF—“Tipo Formula”—was a Barchetta with a 2 ½ liter GP engine. Only three examples of this model were made, each with coachwork by Vignale. One, a coupe, was destroyed in a fire in Italy. A second was last seen racing in Argentina in 1955. The final, chassis number SN0304 is currently on offer at Bonhams. The 0304 was the first four-cylinder sports racing car built and raced by Ferrari. It competed in the 500 Mondial in 1954, the 750 in 1955, and the 860 Monza in 1956. After racing throughout Europe, the car was shipped to South America where it competed in many races.

ferrari 625tf coachwork race car on the road

The car is in excellent condition—so much so that combined with its rarity it definitely warrants its price tag of over $5,000,000 US.

men sitting on the ferrari 625tf race car

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