The AM General Tactical Humvee is Being Upgraded

The AM General Tactical Humvee takes the old advice of not fixing something that’s not broke, and upends it. The Humvee has been a staple of military forces since 1984, and while it’s still in production, AM General is enhancing it to its next evolutionary step—the NXT 360. Unveiled at the Eurosatory Military Equipment Expo in Paris, the NXT 360 has a series of upgrades that make it more utile while also offering better protection.

Upgrades start with the engine. The NXT 360 still uses the 6.5 liter turbo diesel V8, but it’s been amped up—literally. The electronically controlled version offers 250 hp (60 more than the previous engine) and 460 lb-ft of torque (80 more than the previous). The NXT 360 also sports a six-speed automatic transmission. The upgraded suspension increases the NXT 360’s payload, taking it up to 15,500 pounds. It also has greater wheel size, ground clearance, and wheel travel. Increased approach and departure angles let this new Humvee go where its predecessors couldn’t.

It’s improved armor make it much safer as well. The protection level is rated at B7, meaning it covers 360 degrees. The blast protection conforms to STANAG 4569 Kevel 2A on the front wheel and Level 1 on the rear. Blast seats and mats, as well as transparent armor, increase its ballistic protection. And all of this happens without sacrificing the ability for the NXT 360 to be equipped with all the same artillery as previous Humvees.

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