The Atlis Motors XT Truck Races for American Glory

The idea of electric vehicles is quickly becoming a reality—if you’re looking for a sedan. Trucks have been conspicuously absent in the race for electric vehicles. There have been a few, but not as many as most of us would like to see.

That’s why it’s a welcome relief to see Atlis Motor Vehicles announcing a 2020 release date for their XT Pickup Truck.

atlis motor xt truck bonnet

Based in Mesa Arizona, Atlis Motors is vying for that top dog position as the American producer of electric trucks. Their focus is on “developing the first full-size battery-electric pickup truck for the American market.” They’re also aiming to better “the charging ecosystem with an advanced charging solution providing fast and affordable 15-minute charge times.”

dashboard view atlis truck

That’s quite the vision of what they want to accomplish. Fortunately, the truck seems up to the challenge.

Based on a customisable platform that consists of four electric motors and an independent air suspension. Atlis promises a 500-mile range and top speeds of 120 miles per hour as well as a 0 to 100 time of just five seconds. Atlis is also promising a dual version that can tow 35,000 pounds up a six per cent grade at 65 miles per hour.

atlis motor xt

The truck is completely customisable and Atlis will work directly with consumers to get the truck set up just right.

Purchasing is offered through an all-inclusive subscription club or through direct purchase; the trucks will start at around USD$45,000.

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