The Azaris Advanced Off-Road Vehicle Needs to Be in Your Garage

Side-by-sides have risen in popularity of late, but they might be in danger of being bumped from that top spot. Ferox is a tech company that has rethought the ATV and come up with the Azaris Advanced Off-Road Vehicle. The Azaris is built on a foundation of a unique six-wheel base. Each of the wheels is freed of the constraints of a driveshaft thanks to the hydraulically powered hub-mounted motors that are either electric or gas powered. The system uses ports, gates, and fluid dynamics to turn four of the six wheels.

back view azaris off road

Without a drivetrain, each of the wheels has greater movement, which, according to Ferox, allows it to “navigate extreme terrain with greater skill.” Combined with the double-helix suspension, the wheels are able to move more and disturb passengers less. What may account for the “advanced” part of the vehicle—if the design doesn’t already do that—is that all of the piping and fluid channels are fully coaxial and 3D printed.

wheel view azaris off road

If you opt for the gas motor, you’ll be using a BMW R1200GS motor that drives the pump that pushes out the fluid to the powertrain. The whole system has a 98 per cent efficiency.

engine azaris off road

If anything is going to change the world of ATVs, it’s going to be Azaris—in fact, it might just have the whole automotive industry rethinking things.

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