The Legend of the Roush Nitemare Truck is Based in Reality

It’s kind of like watching a Clydesdale head to the starting line of the Kentucky Derby to compete against thoroughbreds. Clydesdales are work animals, and they don’t really stand much of a chance against a thoroughbred in a sprint event. That’s what it’s like to say that there is a truck out there that can give a sports car a run for its money on the racetrack.

The Roush Nitemare is just such a truck. With 650 horsepower and a 0 to 100 time of under four seconds, this is one work animal that speedsters should watch out for.

The truck comes courtesy of Roush Performance. The USD$20,000 upgrade can take any 5.0-litre V8 4X4 F-150 and turn it into a track dominator. The kit includes a Roush supercharger, a lowering kit, and a new exhaust system, along with 22-inch wheels, a new front fascia, and Roush graphics throughout. Roush also adds in an active exhaust that features a console-mounted dial that allows the driver to open and close baffles in the pipes for a customised sound.

Both regular cab and SuperCrew cabs can be used. The upgrades bring the truck up to 650 horsepower. “It’s one thing to just add raw power to a vehicle,” stated Jack Roush, Jr., “it’s another to truly engineer it. With 650 horsepower, the Nitemare delivers power unlike any other truck while retaining the reliability and refined feel you’d expect from any Roush vehicle.”

Roush knows a thing or two about reliability. After a career as a Ford engineer, and a few years running a successful racing team, Roush started up a company that provides aftermarket parts, mostly for the Mustang, F-150, Raptor, and SuperDuty trucks. Roush put their parts on display in a video about the “Legend of the Nitemare.”

The video shows just what the truck is capable of, and how it earned the name “Nitemare.” Unlike the mythical racing Clydesdale, the Nitemare is as real as the donuts it left on the Main-High Bridge in Hamilton, Ohio.

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