The McLaren Speedtail is the Automaker’s First ‘Hyper-GT’

Just when you thought hypercars simply couldn’t get any sleeker, McLaren says, “Hold my beer”. We thus introduce the Speedtail, a limited edition ‘Hyper-GT’ that picks up where the F1 left off, and thereby takes every conceivable metric to radical extremes. Thanks to a supremely aerodynamic design and an advanced hybrid electric powertrain, this limited edition road car is the fastest in McLaren’s history. It’s then no surprise that all 106 units have already been sold for £1.75million plus taxes each.

mclaren hyper gt interior steering

Touting a carbon fibre Mclaren Monocage body, the Speedtail looks like something gifted to us from a future civilization. Inside and out, it’s been optimised to deliver the uppermost tier of power and speed. Under the skin is a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain, which produces a combined 1050ps, and gets the car from 0 to 186mph in 12.8 seconds. Even the teardrop-shaped cockpit–where luxury and efficiency strike a breathtaking balance–was designed to achieve maximum performance.

mclaren hyper gt interior wheel

From the P-ZERO tyre to the front-wheel static aero-covers to the retractable digital rear-view cameras to the dihedral doors to the electrochromic glass to the bespoke interior, the McLaren Speedtail is a thing of pure automotive brilliance. As per the brand’s Track25 business plan, it’s also one of 17 similar stunners on the way. Prepare for whatever it is you’re driving to feel downright inadequate by comparison.

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mclaren hyper gt interior inside

mclaren hyper gt interior top

mclaren hyper gt interior side