The Mercedes-AMG S-Class Final Edition is Already a Legend

Mercedes-AMG presented the last (as in ever) V12 S-Class Sedan at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and it’s a veritable jaw-dropper. Limited to just 130 units, the S 65 Final Edition flaunts a distinguished black colourway inside and out. Powering the luxury sedan is a twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 engine, which delivers an impressive 621 hp and 1000 nm of torque. And while the car weighs about two and a half tons, it can still go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds.

Mercedes AMG s 65 Final Edition side

Adjoining the black exterior finish are subtle bronze accents on the 20″ alloy wheels, rear bumper, intakes, and side skirts. Otherwise, the black theme purposefully dominates and continues into the cabin. Here, you’ll find exclusive black Nappa leather seats with copper-coloured contrasting topstitching. Situated in the centre console is an edition badge, reaffirming the car’s unique status. Also featured are supremely adjustable rear seats, each of which utilises electric motors when adapting to the occupant’s proportions. Opt for the Warmth Package and Mercedes-AMG will throw in a Magic Sky Control panoramic roof.

Mercedes AMG s 65 Final Edition rear

Between its epically sleek profile and built-in backstory, the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Final Edition is already a living legend. That it will soon be a collector’s item basically goes without saying, presuming it’s not one already. Black Beauty was once a horse—now it’s a car.

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